Purple Friday

This year, COC Netherlands and Student Pride NL join forces to paint all universities purple! Why? Because still today, lgbti-students are bullied and discriminated against more than non-lgbti-students.

Studying at a university is also the moment when you explore your own sexuality and gender identity and -expression. That can be liberating, but it requires a safe environment.

That's why we call upon everyone to paint all schools purple on Purple Friday (December 11) and show that you stand up for all genders and sexualities!


Go purple with your university on Purple Friday (December 11)! We have created a free Starters Kit to help you paint your university as purple as possible. Ask fellow students, colleagues, departments, faculties and associations to join! The more we are, the better!

Next to visibility, we also emphasize the need for inclusive lgbti policy in universities. We have developed a Purple Manifesto in which we present the five most important issues that we want to address this academic year. Read and sign the manifesto and work with us on a safe and welcoming university for all, where diversity is the norm and nobody is excluded.

Purple Friday 2020 was a huge success!


Order the Starters Kit

and start paint your school purple! The kit contains lots of cool visuals digital tools to make your school as purple as possible, also online. The more purple we make it, the more impact we have!


Sign the Purple Manifesto

and speak up for diversity and inclusion policy improvement. We've collected the most important policy topics in the manifesto that we want to address this academic year.


Make a plan

to keep gender and sexual diversity on the agendas also after Purple Friday. Together we are stronger, so collaborate with other organizations and groups and help create better and safer universities for all.


Download your free Purple Friday Starters Kit here

Het lijkt erop dat er voor jou school al een pakket is besteld. 

Mocht je vragen hebben en/of een reden hebben om nog een pakket te bestellen, dan kun je een mailtje sturen naar gsa@coc.nl

Staat jouw school hier niet tussen? Probeer dan eens te zoeken via de straatnaam, plaatsnaam of het tweede woord van de schoolnaam. Vind je je school nog steeds niet? Neem dan contact op met gsa@coc.nl en dan regelen we het voor je!

Update: Purple Friday 2021

We are currently busy with all the preparations for upcoming year. We'll keep you informed!